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2009-04-26 16:00:05 by Toba122

I'm hoping to make even better, longer ,frame-by-frame flashes. Frame by frame's my favorite so I'll definitely be practicing more and raising the bar for myself.

oh well

2009-04-18 12:21:49 by Toba122

I made a new flash but that one sucked cuz I forgot an important thing. A good story! But good stories don't just pop out of nowhere. Especially the kind that can be told without words. Atleast I did SOMETHING with my time. Better than nothing I guess.

Coming out with an Easter flash

2009-04-07 23:16:10 by Toba122

I've finished the animation in my easter holiday flash about a porcupine with an unsatiable appetite for chocolate!

I was bored

2009-03-03 16:51:04 by Toba122

I got bored with just that person so I made a little sloppy short. It was fun :)

So my first episode DID make it :). I'm working on a new episode for "just me". It took me a while to come up with an idea, but I finally got one!

My latest (first) flash

2009-01-16 16:25:58 by Toba122

Gack my first animation's underjudgement! I guess it was too boring and uneventful.